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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> boko haram's largest and most destructive attack yet satellite images show homes clinics and schools in ruins. >> you are watching al jazeera in doha. president hollande vows france will protect all religions as funerals are held for the charlie hebdo cartoonists killed in last week's attack. >> almost 100,000 people forced from homes as fierce floods his mozambique and ma law wee.
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a welcome for pope francis in the philippines. >> satellite images show the deadliest massacre in the history of boko haram on two towns in northern nigeria giving a look at a region which has become extremely dangerous and difficult to access. this was done before the armed group moved in, vegetation shaded in red. all around, you see streets and buildings. here's the same town on january 7. just look at that, an estimated 3,000 homes as well as schools and clinics destroyed. it's a similar seen three miles away. here it is on the second of january, another thriving down and this is how it looks five days later after attacks by boko
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haram. 20,000 people have fled the area. amnesty international has severed disturbing testimony from survivors of these latest attacks. >> witnesses are telling us that boko haram attacked saturday, more than one week ago went house to house pulling people out of their homes and shooting them in the streets. we've also had reports from eyewitnesses as they tried to flee, boko haram fighters were waiting for them in the trees in the surrounding bush, and so civilians were being shot as they tried to flee the attack. >> the former director of nigeria state security service said the military needs to do more to protect communities. >> from the images, although they are not clear released by amnesty, there is a fear that amnesty or other groups are not prepared to help nigeria in this war. even if it were one life lost,
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it means to lot to to nigerians. imagine the number of people killed, we are concerned that lives of lost. i expect the international community and the nigerians to join hands with nigeria government to bring this carnage to a halt. >> how do you bring it to a halt? i mean, where's the nigerian president presence there? i mean, these areas are isolated with nobody to look at them. >> well -- i expect the military should not take the war to the -- boko haram. in mosul it's worrisome because they are having elections.
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these people don't believe in democracy or government so will do everything possible to frustrate the efforts of government -- >> is the elections behind the silence that is coming from the government? i mean the fact that absolutely nothing at all has been said about these attacks no words of sympathy no worst of condemnation, what is that about? >> well, i think the government has come out with a statement condemning the acts of boko haram. i think the military also, 52 killed in the attack. i don't know how that should go, the figure should not really matter. lives are lost and measures should be put in place to make sure citizens are protected. >> every time there's an attack by boko haram the government denies how many have been killed and yet their own stand up and
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say sorry that this has happened, it's disgusting. look at how your government responded to those attacks in paris. there was a physical presence there, there were tweets and yet absolutely nothing about the killing of thousands of people on your home soil. why? >> the problem is that you see -- i think we should walk home speak with one voice to make sure that this carnage is brought to a halt. >> how do you bring that carnage to an end if it's more important to sympathize with people in france than your own country it's not a good message, is it? >> no, no, that's the point i'm making. it's not business as usual. the government came out with the people and with the attack in
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france took place it's not the same with nigeria. we have a very did you have array that government goes out to attack unresponse to the activities of boko haram. you have a lot of collateral damage and that is what the government has avoided so it's left for the people that to rise up and join forces to bring boko haram to justice. >> french president hollande has vowed france will protect all religions, his comments coming as if you know release are held for victims of the attack on charlie hebdo. >> wave report from outside the memorial service. >> you can see a fairly large crowd gathered outside the town
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hall of this suburb of paris north of paris where the cartoonist lived for 30 years. this is an ethnically commune of paris with a very large islamist community here. perhaps it is an appropriate place for a cartoonist on this sort of a magazine that poked satirical fun at all faiths, religion and positions of power. his memorial service taking place as we speak others happening in par russ today. >> let's bring in breaking news out of algeria the body of french tourist who was murdered there in september has been found by the army. the body was found buried without the head where he was abducted by the isil linked
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group. an elite army unit made the discovery following a tip off from a prisoner. >> the palestinian president has addressed the arab league in cairo as abbas marks his time in office. during the meeting addressed palestinian statehood and israel's occupation. >> the u.n. secretary general was asked we asked them to protect the palestinian people. we are being underkilling and violent destruction by the israeli government intensely and we ask the united nations to provide protection, the necessary protection to the palestinian people to stop israel from these awful practices being done against us. >> turkey's prime compared
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israeli leader benjamin netanyahu to the men who carried out attacks last week in paris saying they all committed crimes against humanity. he said israel's bombardment of attack on gas were on par with the paris attacks. the comments ever escalated a war of words between the former allies. earlier, israel called the turkish president an anti semitic bully. >> residents have evacuated many areas of tripoli due to battles and on going fighting wednesday. >> more than 70 have been killed in southern africa after some of the heaviest rains in years. 70,000 people have been made homeless in malawi and 20,000
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displaced in mozambique. we have a report. >> strong river currents like this have forced tens of thousands out of their homes in mozambique and malawi. desperate villagers could do nothing as the water washed away all they would. dozens including children have been killed. >> we have unconfirmed reports that more than 25 children and their god fathers were washed away by the water but we are not able to cross the river to get to where this happened, so we have yet to confirm this information. we also have reports that two elderly people were washed away. >> for days, rain storms and winds have hit the two countries. in mozambique, the rivers ever burst their banks and more than half of ma law you wee declared as a disaster zone. many say the rains took them by surprise. >> it started around midnight. they came to wake me up. they lost a lot of things, houses goods they're freezers,
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really a lot of stuff that they lost. >> governments are struggling to deal with the scale of the disaster and appealing for help. many hectores of crops have been destroyed. many roads are cut off making it difficult to reach stranded people. mozambique has been hit by massive floods in the pass, 2006 and 2007 floods affecting half a million people. gates were opened, worsening the damage for the downstream. it took years for the reconstruction of infrastructure and rehabilitation of the people who lost everything. mozambique's government issued a red alert and malawi is appealing for humanitarian assistance to deem with the cries and there are warnings of heavier rains and flash floods over the next two weeks. al jazeera. >> some news just in to us, the u.s. retailer target announced that it is pulling out of
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canada. that could mean the closure of 133 stores, putting 17,000 jobs at risk. >> the thousands of people turning out to welcome pope france to the philippines on the second leg of his week long trip, he was treated to a rap at yourous reception. >> the pontiff has greeted thousands of adoring catholics. >> he was received by the president of the country at the military air field. the one uncomfortable mover was when his hat blew off his first encounter with the philippine weather, which could put a damper on major events with the
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storm brewing and heading this way. tenstens of thousands of people lined the streets for the short journey from the air field to where he will be staying during his time here in manila. that affairs motorcade delivering him to what is effectively the vatican's embassy here in manila. the big events will be on friday where he'll give a mass at the local cathedral and on sunday, a huge open-air mass, potentially with 6 million expected to attend. saturday i think many here are thinking about the emotional heart of his visit here to the areas most seriously hit by typhoon haiyan in 2013. he'll be blessing a center for the poor in his name and speaking to survivors there, as well. >> still to come in the program priced out of a home.
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why affordable housing is needed more than ever in hong kong. >> history made in the united states at two men complete what's known as the world's toughest climb and they've done it with their bare hands.
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>> hello again amnesty international released satellite images showing the devastating scale of attacks by boko haram on two towns in northern nigeria, providing images of the
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deadly massacre by boko haram. >> french president hollande vowed france will protect all religions, as funerals are held for five victims of the attack on the office of charlie hebdo. >> more than 70 people have been killed in southern africa after some of the heaviest rains in years. in malawi, 70,000 people are left homeless and more than 20,000 displaced in mozambique. >> the russian government is pressing ahead of plans for peace talks in moscow, but previous attempts to broker a deal collapsed leaving many syrians wondering if they'll get home. >> these men were with tens of thousands of citizens of the vanguard of the protest against their president, bashar al assad. enthusiastic and determined, but that was nearly four years ago.
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>> first we only had one goal, to topple the syrian regime, but now, we don't know who to fight. we are stuck between isil and the government, now it's not just a struggle against assad but against a million similar regimes. >> he was a fighter with the free syrian army, muhammed an activist who uploaded videos of the protest he spent years in jail for joining an anti assad protest. >> we are frustrated and depressed, but i think that's the case for any uprising in the world. algeria sacrificed millions of people in its war with france. >> in the turkish border towns tens of thousands of syrians used to wait and plan the life in a free democratic syria. now they are putting down roots. these men and hundreds of thousands like them are becoming
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part of syria's lost generation, stuck in turkey jobless feeling humiliated because they struggle to feed their families. >> i think the international community doesn't care. during the post war years nothing has changed and we haven't seen the international community do anything. >> there is a resigned air here. when his young son asks when they'll go back to syria, he said he feels a pain in his heart. he doesn't know the answer. >> al jazeera turkey. >> canada's foreign minister's press for the release of al jazeera journalists in a meeting with his egyptian counter part in cairo the canadian has spent over a year in jail with the two others. this is what the canadian
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foreign minister had to say following that meeting in cairo. >> it was not resolved today but that's why i came. i think by coming here today by meeting directly by being in a constructive dialogue, we will resolve this issue. there's no tougher case, it is a complex one. this is important to me and all canadians. i thought today's meeting was very constructive. >> his wife spoke to us from cairo via skype. >> yes indeed we are frustrated. he said nothing about the upcoming hearing. no practical steps have been
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taken. they only have accepted his appeal and that was it. >> the washington post journalist held for six months in iran is to be put on trial. police arrested him along with his wife and two associates in july. his colleagues were released within weeks while his wife was freed on bail in october. only necessary city international said he has not had access to a lawyer. >> the three countries hit hardest by the ebola outbreak are now recording the lowest number have new cases in months. the world health organization says sierra leone and guinea both saw the lowest weekly total of confirmed cases since august. since august, 429 ever died in the outbreak and there have been more than 20,000 reported cases. >> the high court in zimbabwe ordered police to stop evicts
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villagers caught in a dispute with the government. the first lady denies the allegations. >> a week ago this was home. the rubble is a reminder of everything he he had built for his family. now, a tree is their only shelter. >> the government brought us here. i have been staying here 15 years. now the government came to demolish my home. i have nowhere else to go. i have crops in my field and i have children. >> he is among 200 families who ever had their homes torn down. they live on prime agricultural land that was seized from white farmers under the president's land reforms. the first lady has now proposed the land be turned into a game park. still, the government denies she's behind the evictions.
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>> the department of national parks, which is responsible for animals in zimbabwe has taken over. we will be relocating animals restocking such as elephants in the coming weeks. there is no room whatsoever for our people to stay there. >> the case has grabbed national headlines in part because of the connection. police began burning down homes last work and monday, the high court ruled in favor of the farmers, ordering the evictions be stopped. >> the clients have a right to be consulted on where they will be moved out where they will be moved to and there must be an agreement. we know in this case, no alternative is suitable for their needs has been provided. >> he and his neighbors have the right to remain until given land elsewhere. for them, a legal victory with
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little consolation not knowing where they'll end up and then having to start over. al jazeera. >> indonesian favor divers are trying to find and retrieve the bodies of the victims of the airasia flight 8501 crash. they believe many of trapped inside the fuselage, spotted on wednesday by a navy ship. it will be lifted from the sea bed once a search for bodies is thought to no longer be effective. >> hong kong's chief executive said he has a plan to generate affordable house that. his critics say it's impossible to accommodate the remembers dents. many argue a lack of housing highlights the growing divide between rich and poor juror it's a city well known for bright lights and towering sky lines. it's also one of the most expensive places in the world to buy property.
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>> at this moment, our housing market rank number one in the world as far as affordability is concerned. >> along the majestic skyscrapers are overcrowded apartment blocks. this is public housing. at least a quarter million people are on the waiting list to access these units the wait time three years. the apartments are small. >> normally, it's 20 or 30 people, they are living in a place around 600 square feet, so the space is too tiny, and even the children, they don't have space to do their homework. they don't have any activity place. they don't have air. some of them they have address ma because they they are indoor. >> under a tent in one of the motor densely populated districts in hong kong is were
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you ever thousands of residents to live on the streets. >> it is differ in winter, but i have no choice but to live here. >> hong kong's chief executive is under pressure. >> even if the government provide 50%, i would still record it unaffordable. >> jenny is a 23-year-old university student. she says even renting an apartment is a challenge. >> actually, some of my friends they do not really want to touch it would like to rent a flat first, but the rental cost is really high, too. >> unaffordable housing is a major issue for people living in the city, especially low to middle income earners. with property rising, many don't expect the problem to be resolved anytime soon.
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al jazeera, hong kong. >> a move by switzerland's central bank to unpeg its currency from the you're poe has sent the franc soaring. it rose to its high effort level against the dollar in three years. >> two men in the united states ever completed the world's toughest climb. the two reached the summit of el capitan in the yosemite national park after scaling its sheer face with their bare hands. >> seven years in planning, 19 days in making and one never achieved before, the friends reached the summit of what's known as el capitan in yosemite national park. it's called the dawn wall for a
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reason a vertical sheet of smooth granite. some climbed it before, but none like this. the two men scaled the summit without any aids or hand grips harnesses and ropes only there to stop them from a deadly fall. during the climb the pair slept in tents suspended to the mountain face at night and sometimes taking days off to allow the skin on their fingers to heal. any falls along the way and they had to start again. hard enough with 10 fingers tommy caldwell managed with just nine after losing one during a home renovation. >> if anybody deserves it, it's totally him. he persevered his whole life on anything he ever did and this is kind of a long time coming, i don't know, but he keeps doing other things like this, so it's not the first time. >> to put the scale into context, the empire state
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building in new york sits at 443 meters high. the world's tallest man made structure is in dubai at 830 meters. these two climbers successfully scaled 914 meters, or 3,000 feet. >> i really say relief is a stronger emotion than pride. i've been proud of him for a long time, you know, the world world's just learning about the person that i've known for his whole life. >> a free climb previously called impossible is that no longer. >> the nominations for the 87th annual academy he awards are out. leading the pack, the birthman and grand budapest hotel scored nine nominations each, including best picture.
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over favorites include american sniper boyhood the imitation game and the civil rights drama selma. the oscars will be handed out next month. we'll be keeping an eye on it. it. . >> in the same stretch of days muslim radicals killed 16 people in france and hundreds in nigeria. the two very different killings got two different reactions. in one case mobilization and worldwide condemnation. in another case, a shrug? it's inside story.